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Welcome Traveler!

The ancient Celts believed in an

It is a realm where all things are possible! It is not bound by the constraints of time nor space. It is the source of Celtic wisdom and the place where great deeds can be
accomplished! It is the dwelling place of the Sidhe, also known as Faeries!

There, one can encounter all of the denizens of the Faerie Realm, from the most beautiful of nymphs, to the wisest of dragons, to the most mischeivious elves!

There are many ways to enter the Otherworld! Some are by charm, like the song from magical birds! And then, some by spell or invitation, or even by the lure of the hypnotic music of the fae themselves!

It is said that those who pass through the crystal barrier to visit the "Otherworld" become more than mortal!

Sometimes the gateway can be found
just beyond the mysts in the forest...

4/15 thru 4/21, 2001

Thanks Draac!

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