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Babajji's Imaginings...

"Welcome to a place to share in many viewpoints on various philosophical, historical & theological issues. One of the topics presented "Is this the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius...or are we on the Eve of Destruction? B.J.'s site is not only mentally stimulating, it's interactive! "Add your opinion!"

~ ~ ~

Bella's Mystical Journeys...

In addition to Thomas Kincade artwork on each page you will find an excellent list of links to websites about fae, dragons, castles, unicorns, wizards, druids, and more! Tessa has done a terrific job!

~ ~ ~

Christina's Castle...

"Original poetry,fae,dragons,lots!" My personal favorite is a poem written by Chris titled, "A Faery's Tale". Be sure to visit "Hi There" greetings, and Chris' fantastic animated dance pages! A very talented woman!

~ ~ ~


"Fine art and classical music midis for your enjoyment." This is truly "a site where you can relax and get lost to time and place." Absolutely wonderful! Joanne has amassed a superb collection to share with everyone who has the good fortune to visit. From Cole to Monet, Ruebens to De Vinci, to my personal favorite Rembrandt...a pleasurable experience of beauty!

~ ~ ~

Diamondeve's Orient Express...

"Great selection of unique Asian-Oriental gifs, midis, horoscopes, great links, lots more to come!" This is not just another gif site! Pam has designed one of the most interesting and beautiful sites around. This site is listed in the prestigious "Gifpile".

~ ~ ~

Diane's Place...

"A mixed variety of graphics of all kinds. Some animated and some not. Enjoy!" Diane posts in ad.animated gifs. Her email sigs are awesome! She is an inspiration and many learned a lot from this lady who is never too busy to help or encourage all from newbie to seasoned poster!

~ ~ ~

Fir Darrig's Place...

For links to the best gif and corner backs on the web be sure to visit Sue! Great links to fun pages,too! You may also want to check out the clean, professional look to her site. (Curious as to what a "Fir Darrig is?" The answer is on her website! ;-)

~ ~ ~

John and Cathy's Place...

Better known as "Owens4 Tools"and creators of the first ever "F Key Saver"! Be sure to check out their fun links and play "Name That Tune"! By the way, the snazzy table used on Annwn's midi page exists thanks to the Owens'.

~ ~ ~

Mayen's Joy...

Sage advice and "Helpful Hints From Memere's Wisdom"!" A delightful commentary on old remedies and ways of doing things that have withstood the test of time passed down to Mayen from her Mother!

~ ~ ~

Terri's World of Egyptology...

Be transported to a different place, a different time! "Fascinating facts and information on the daily lives of ancient Egyptians, ancient love songs, and mummification. Don't miss "Queens List and personal stories of all the known Queens of Egypt." Historically researched and very well written.

~ ~ ~

Norm's Racket...

For those of us who are nocturnal by choice, or otherwise, Norm's Real Audio 3.0 all night radio links are a mecca! Don't miss the enormous list of links reflecting his diverse interests from science and music up to sports, help links, webtv information, and the paranormal! A virtual grab bag with something to please everyone! Don't miss it!

~ ~ ~

Slo's Place...

"Slo's midis, slideshows and more." Steve has a terrific sense of humor and makes great composites! Do not miss the hilarious "Slo" slideshow! "Old Slo" has led quite full, adventurous life! ;-)) Also check out his poetry and other pages! By the way, he also made several of the banners on Annwn.

~ ~ ~


"Tools and links for Webtvusers." M_ has a wonderful personal website tucked away somewhere! As soon as it's back on line a link will be provided here!

~ ~ ~

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