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Winter Fairy
Deep within the Winter Forest
among snow drifts so wide,
You can find a magic place
where Little Fairies hide.

Summer Fairies, Spring Fairies,
and Fairies of the Fall,
Winter Fairies in the night
are my favorite of them all.

Feel the fairy wings
brush gently against your face,
Ok I just knew
there are fairies in this magical place.

Starlight and Moonlight,
upon drifted snow they lie,
Did you see it? Did you see it?
A fairy just flew by!

Their wings are like a whisper,
moonbeams in their hair,
They've melted their magic fairydust
upon trees once so bare.

Are those the magic fairy wands
glistening on the tree?
Or only winter's icicles
upon branches that I see?

The once cooling water of the lake,
remember sitting on its shore?
Now the fairies have created
a crystal ice dance floor.

The Winter Fairies are dancing,
this much I do know.
Just feel the winter magic,
it's not just falling snow.

Open the gate of imagination,
allow your mind to fly,
And in this Winter Forest
you'll see fairies fluttering by.
(by Unknown)

Posted in alt discuss faery**

by Merlin, July 2000

(**a.d.faery is a WebTv users only news group.)


What area of the forest do you wish to see?

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