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Welcome to the Realm, traveller! I got word that you may be visiting this part of the forest! Folks call me "Jotter"...I would suppose that's because of the little notes I love to compose! I saved some for you!

You can send them on to your friends if you wish...

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Special note to those arriving directly from other sites or search engines: This is NOT the main page of ANNWN. Please check out the site index at the bottom of this page.

Bug Ya! (humor)


Frog Couple

Heart bouquet

Land of Feelings

Huggies ;-)

Thinking of You

Love Grows

Miss You (dragon)

Rainy Days (fairy)

You're Mine


Thank You (rose)

Our Day (anniv)

Just Wondering (cats)

Work (dragons)

My Universe (without you)

Thoughts of You

Snow Pet (very cute)

Happy Bday (victorian)

Happy Bday Cat

Good Night (kitten)

Thinking About You
(luv pup)

Heart Poem

I'm Here ForYou

Home Is


~ soon ~

~ soon ~

~ soon ~


~ soon ~

~ soon ~

~ soon ~

~ soon ~

~ soon ~

What area of the forest do you wish to see?

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If Annwn pleases you

Thank you!

NOTICE: All page designs and text on Missives are the
intellectual property of the "Annwn" webmaster. The
text content exception is "Land of Feelings", & "Yummy".

DISCLAIMER: I did not create the images used in my composites. The gifs & jpgs were found all over the web or sent by friends. If you can prove copyright on these images i will remove them at once. please contact me...thank you
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