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The Forest Wood

In the twilight hours the fairy comes,
to run and play and have their fun.
You find them in the forest wood,
their language spoken is not understood.
Only threw eyes that see as a child,
can you see the fairies
which live in the wild.

So turn back time, to your innocent days.
And look as a child, in a simple way.
There you will see your fairy sprite,
she will stay with you throughout the night.
The night glows bright with faerie light,
The Queen does dance this fairy round.
The sight is sweet this faerie night.
The Queen does sing, a beautiful sound.
With child's eyes we must seek out,
the faerie dance tonight.
But morning light comes all to soon;
we have to say goodbye.
I take the hand of the Fairy Queen;
and away through the dawn we fly.
As I awake, before opening my eyes
I remember last night's dream.
Holding tight to fairy dust;
I gathered from the moonbeams

(Carla Vredeling )

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Posted in alt discuss faery**

by Tessa, July 2000

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