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Abode of the Faeries

The dark, unearthly-looking caves of Cong are, as one would expect and according to local legend, the dwelling-places of a lively lot of faeries, leprechauns and banshees.

It must not be forgotten that the Tuatha De Danaan, that race of magicians who inhabited Ireland 3,000 years ago, fought their greatest battle on this very ground. They it was who later changed themselves into faeries.

Beneath the rocks of Cong was a faerie-world ready made and surely many of the "little people" went to live there. It is not surprising then that groups of faerie children and little men and women have often been seen on moonlit nights dancing and curvetting in Nymphsfield, celebrating still, no doubt, their great victory over the Fir Bolg on that same field.

The banshee of the Fir Bolg, she whose outsized footprint in limestone can still be seen on the roadside at the Hag's Foot, has often been heard in the woods at night keening over the defeat of her people.
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The Glory of Cong

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J.A. Fahy

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by Oisin, July, 1999

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