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Fairy Names

Faeries are the Little People,
the good folk who live in woody dells.

Names for them include: faery - faerie - fatae - fa'ae - fairye - sidhe - sith - fee - fay - fae - fayerie - fair folk - verry folk - feriers - ferishers - farisees - wee folk - green men - greenies - greencoaties - green children - gremlins - good neighbors - good people - grey neighbors - pixies - piskies - sprites - tamlane - tammerlane - tom-lin - tom of lyn

Elves, gnomes, sprites, goblins, hobgoblins, nymphs,
merfolk, trolls, leprechauns, etc. are considered types of fairies in some traditions.

Knowing a fairy's true name gives you power over it, so fairies are said to guard their real names very closely.

Nevertheless, individual fairies known to us from mythology include:

Aeval, Fairy Queen of the Midnight Court

Aillen MacModha, who sets Tara ablaze every year

Caer, a beautiful fairy who lived as a swan

Clethrad, an alder fairy

Donagh, Finvarra's beautiful wife.

Finvarra, fairy king of the Daoine Sidhe. He is known for his skill at chess and for abducting brides-to-be. Spanish wine is a suitable offering got him.

Ghillie Dhu, a Scottish fairy who wears moss
and leaves, lives in birch thickets.

Heliconian, a willow fairy

Melia, an ash or quince fairy

Melwas, the fairy king of the Summer Land
who abducted Guenivere

O'Donoghue, king of the Lough Lean fairies in Ireland

Summer, beautiful queen of the Elves of Light.
Her presence melts Winter away.

Urisk, a lonely male Scottish fairy who is found near pools

Wichtlein, a German mine fairy


the Asparas/Apsaras, fig tree fairies

the Caryatids, nut tree fairies

the Dryads, oak tree fairies

the Luantishees, blackthorn fairies

Literary fairies include Queen Mab, Puck, Titania, Tinkerbell, Tammerlane, Mustardseed and Oberon.

~Fairy Goddesses:
Aine of Knockaine
Morgan le Fay (Morgan the Fairy)

~Fairy Gods:
Credne, the fairy goldsmith
Goibnie, the fairy blacksmith
Lichtar, the fairy carpenter

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