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The Small People

Long ago, when many of the Land's End folk fished in their small boats off the rock-bound coast by night, a common sight to them was that of the faeries of Castle Treen.

Many a vessel becalmed beneath the cliffs of Pedn- y-Vounder stayed longer than was needful, so that her crew could watch the Small People's activities. Thousands of these delicate sprites were to be seen moving about in miniature cliff-ledge gardens poised half way down the precipices above the black and surging ocean hundreds of feet below. Softly illuminated by candlelight, the gardens were filled with flowers whose perfume, when the wind blew off the land, drifted across to the entranced fishermen, along with the sound of music from the faeries' revels. It was then, when the scent of the flowers and the melodies reached them, that the men quickly sailed away, fearing the fatal enchantment which might follow such magic contact.

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by Boadicea, May, 2000

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