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Once there was a Magic-man, valued by his tribe for his clarity of vision, painted in his cave. There he had his Sacred Place and there his Sacred Fire. There he spoke the Sacred Words and drew the future near.

Once this ancient Magic-Man had a vision dream: he saw a green and pleasant land with high mountains, deep valleys, open plains and dense forests.

He told his people of his dream And he led them to that land.To this land.Into the forest deep he went,in search of a Sacred Place.

And there he built the Sacred Fire and spoke the Sacred Words. He asked for protection;that his people might grow.

And they did

Our Ancestors.

Years passed by. A Shamen came to the woods. He found the Sacred Place and he spoke the Sacred Words, but knowledge of the Sacred Fire was lost to him.

'Never mind.' He said. 'Place and Words will have to do'

And they did.

Years passed by.

A Druid came to the woods.He found the Sacred Place, but Fire and Words were lost to him.

'Never mind.' He said. 'The Place will have to do'

And it did.

Years passed by.A Bard came to the woods. But Fire and Words and Place were lost to him.

'Never mind.' he said. 'Memory remains; And whilst it does the magic will never fade. The story alone will have to do'

And it does.

** ** **
Gary Breinholt

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Posted in alt discuss faery**

by Boadicea, October, 1999

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