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Witch Weightlifting

On the moor behind the ruins of Craigmaddie Castle, to the north of Glasgow, is a strange "arch" of boulders known as the Auld Wives' Lichts. Way back in the mists of time, three sisters, witches of considerable renown, challenged each other to a trial of strength.

The first, confident of her success, lifted a huge boulder onto her shoulder, strode across the moor, and dropped it on the ground within a wide, shallow depression.

The second sister hauled a slightly larger rock into her arms and staggered over to the first boulder, where she lowered her own, with a grunt and a groan, so that it stood proud beside her sister's.

The third, eldest, witch sneered at her siblings' efforts and hoisted a huge boulder, ran across the moor with it balanced - somewhat precariously, according to some legends - on her head, and lowered it resolutely to sit atop the other two.

There could be no argument that she had won the challenge, much to her sisters' annoyance. They conceded the contest - but not before laying a spell upon the archway they had created.

To this day the place has an eerie, almost frightening atmosphere. Even on the warmest day the immediate vicinity is supernaturally cold, raising gooseflesh on those who dare to approach. Visitors have reported feeling as though they are being watched - and not by a friendly entity! And on occasion, particularly at Hallowe'en, and dark (new) moon, the stench of newly spilled blood fills the air.

Nevertheless, stalwart couples still crawl through the archway for luck - and usually get it, too.

After all, "Who dares, wins ... "

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by Boadicea, October, 1999

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